3x5STOP stands for Scripture Today for One to Ponder

Today we are all busy and often too busy to think about God, pray or seek Him.  I found myself taking the small moments I had and reaching for my phone to check facebook, e-mail, text, and twitter.  I wasn’t making room for God throughout the day and I wanted to do something about that.  So in my busyness I knew I needed something to prompt me to redirect my small moments toward God.

I created a 3×5 index card spiral bound book with short scriptures on them.  I simply took a few minutes and opened my bible and each time I came across a verse I had underlined in the past I wrote it on a card and repeated the process until they were all written on.  I love the surprise element of this because they are random verses throughout the bible I never know what the next day’s scripture will hold. So every time I come to a stop light or stop sign, I reach for my spiral bound index cards and quickly read the verse for the day. I then think about that verse and ask God how to apply it to my life and before I know it I’m praying and I have effectively giving my small moments to God.

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