I Am Awestruck!


I was inclined to not share this with you but I find myself needing to. It was a unique experience with the Lord. As I looked out the front door, the evening was coming to an end. I found myself drawn to step out into the dark.  (I did not think twice about the bright white robe I had on.  I am sure my family wished I had stepped out the back door).  😉 The moon and stars in the night sky were brilliant. The moon was nearly too bright to look at for long and the stars sparkled with great splendor! Only the whispers of a few clouds stood between me and the amazing sky. The worship came without effort and tears flooded my eyes. The King is still on the throne and among all of His creation he intimately knows me!

As I was drinking it all in, I caught a glimpse of God’s “Bigness” and my “smallness.”

  • How can this be that God who created the heavens and earth, seated on the throne, Holy and righteous, would even recognize me? (Psalm 8:4) I am awestruck!
  • How can this be that a God who spins things in orbit and names the stars would be remotely interested in my everyday routine? (Isaiah 40:22,26) (Psalm 139:1-6) I am awestruck!
  • How can this be that God would bend His ear to hear me? (Psalm 34:15) I am awestruck!
  • How can this be that God who sees everything and holds all things in the palm of His hand would take time to talk with me and give me wisdom? (Isaiah 30:21) (Psalm 111:10) I am awestruck!

In God’s awesomeness “I am awestruck” and a woman of unclean lips and an impure heart.  But God (I love the “but God” statements of Scripture) purifies my speech and cleanses my heart (Isaiah 6:5-7). He knows my frame and is mindful that I am but dust (Psalm 103:14). God is compassionate and merciful (James 5:11). His love toward me is higher than the heavens and His lovingkindness is beyond measure (Psalm 103:11, 17).

As I stated at the beginning… I needed to share this and it is because maybe you too needed to know that even though God is “Big,” He has not lost track of you. He knows your name. He has not left you. He loves you. He cares about you. He longs for you to acknowledge Him. You are the apple of His eye and He will protect you in the shadow of His wings (Psalm 17:8).

Are you feeling insignificant and small?  Pursue God even now and let Him wrap His truth around you because you are significant to Him in a big way.

Prayer: God You are worthy of praise and honor. I am awestruck by Your Glory! I exalt You Lord, God of gods, and King of kings. Help me believe Your truths for myself and not just for others.  As I pursue You today, meet with me and search my heart. Purge what may be standing in the way and keeping me from believing that You are mindful of me. Help me see that even though I feel small, I am big in Your eyes. AMEN.



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