God is doing a new thing 3For years, I have had aspirations for a specific dream. I often pursued it but my insecurities, doubts, and fears would wrap around me, hindering any movement forward. I have asked myself many times: Is it just the glamorous idea of it that keeps me holding on to it? Or is it something that God wants me to move forward with? I did not know the answer.

Can you relate? Maybe you have aspirations to open your home for foster care, start your own business, become a stay- at- home mom, or start a new friendship…  Are you uncertain if this is a leading from God or just a dreamy idea?

I find the uncertainty to be exhausting.

I was tired of holding onto a dream that goes nowhere.

I was ready for it to die or take on a new life.

I needed affirmation for my aspiration. So I began praying with a willingness to surrender my dream to God.  A willingness to let it die.  As I was praying, I heard the birds chirping outside.  I opened the back door of the house and the outdoors beckoned me. The sky was painted baby blue. The breeze was gentle with a relaxing warmth. The empty chair on the back deck was inviting, so I gave in and took my journal and bible with me.  Of course, I had a cup of coffee too. 😉

As I settled in my chair and soaked in the atmosphere, I opened my bible and asked God to use His word for clarity. I asked Him to speak and He did.

On this particular day, I picked up reading where I’d left off the previous day in Exodus 14,0].

Up to this point in the book of Exodus, the Israelites had lived in Egypt for 430 years and for many of those years they were slaves.  They were now under the authority of the Egyptian Pharaoh, who had a hardened heart. God sent Moses to speak with Pharaoh to request that His people, the Israelites, be set free. It was not until the last plague God sent that Pharaoh let the Israelites free.  You can read about the plagues here.  As nearly a million of them fled, Pharaoh had a change of heart and pursued them with his army and hundreds of chariots.  They came upon them near the Red Sea. “As Pharaoh drew near, the sons of Israel looked, and behold, the Egyptians were marching after them, and they became very frightened; so the sons of Israel cried out to the Lord.” Exodus 14:10

This is where it gets real.  God’s about to do the inconceivable!

“But Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the LORD which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever.  The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent.  Then the LORD said to Moses, why are you crying out to Me? Tell the sons of Israel to GO FORWARD.  As for you, lift up your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it, and the sons of Israel shall go through the midst of the sea on dry land.” (Exodus 14:13-16 NASB)

God was speaking to me through this passage.  He did not want me to stand by and keep silent.

He spoke as if a voice behind my ears (Isaiah30:21) GO FORWARD! Stop being lukewarm and pursue your dream with a hot passion! When you GO FORWARD, I will part the waters and make your path clear.

“Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth, will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:19)

I received my answer! My dream had new life breathed into it! (Now I need to Go FOWARD because God said, “GO FORWARD!”, and I can trust Him to equip me and make a way.)

Do you find the uncertainty exhausting? Lay your aspirations before God and find peace as He reveals a confirmation either way.  He may just be waiting for you to GO FORWARD so He can part the waters.







7 thoughts on “GO FORWARD!

  1. My special friend, you told me about your blog a while back and I have just gotten around to looking for it. I’m SO proud of you!!! This was such an awesome day to read this. You/God are right on time again. I’m praying for God to show me the way to expand my horizons, in spite of my crazy life.
    Love you,
    Thanks again,


  2. What a great analogy here, Jodi. So true that we force ourselves into things that are not a good fit for so many different reasons. I’m so glad you’ve joined our Compel Iron Group!


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