Your Place at the Table

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God planted a deep desire within me to grow as a speaker. For several years, I prayed about attending the “She Speaks” conference put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I was overwhelmed at the number of speakers that are out there; but, I read something that made me think that just maybe, I could be one of them. It read something like this, “Only you can tell your story the way you tell it, and it needs to be told. Even though the table seems crowded with thousands of speakers and writers, there is always room at the table for you. An empty chair is waiting.” Those words inspired me to take the next step, so I signed up!

As I attended the conference I was astounded to be in a sea of eight hundred ladies pursuing a calling from God and feel a bond with them all. We all “get” one another.

Though I must be honest and share that as I entered the conference room to take a seat, I was not prepared for the wave of emotions nor the spiritual warfare that I was about to confront.

It started with the enemy of comparison. Realizing that I was surrounded by such godly women, seemingly far more advanced than myself, created in me a desire to hide in the shadows, becoming unnoticeable. The Enemy noticed me, though. He noticed my insecurity and wanted to create his own special seating for me.

Has he ever pulled up a chair for you and whispered lies?

The enemy tempted me over and over again to sit in the chair he pulled up because his lies felt more like truth than truth itself; lies that I was unworthy, inadequate, and out of place. Y’all, he even whispered that my southern dialect would be a hindrance! He drew the line there! 😉

But, God saw my struggle! He is El Roi, (The God who sees). As I journeyed through the two-day conference, He was faithful to place new friends in my path to walk alongside me every time I needed encouragement.

The vast knowledge and insight I received was too much to process while there, so I spent the following Monday unpacking all I had learned. As I sat in my oversized comfy chair at home, still before God, He washed me with His truths in a way only God can. God enabled me to redeem much of the confidence that the enemy robbed from me at the conference.

God reminded me that He is the lover of my soul. He loves me in my shame. He loves me in my doubt. He loves me in my brokenness. He loves me in my insecurities.

God revealed to me that He has plans for me to become something I struggle to fully see. He reminded me of the sixth chapter of John and the little boy who offered Jesus ALL he had: five loaves of barley bread and two fish. God used the little he had to feed thousands.  God whispered gently to my soul, “Jodi, bring me ALL you have and with the little you bring, I will do great things! This is the first step in becoming what I see in you. You can trust ME!”

Maybe you, too, need to let those words wash over you. I do not believe they were meant for me alone. God sees you! He desires for you to sit in the chair He purposed just for you. It may be to become a speaker, writer, homemaker, nurse, teacher, or whatever… He will help you become more than you can see in yourself right now. It may take a thousand steps of faith, but only one is required at a time.

There is a battle going on and we must choose our chair carefully. The Enemy’s chair wobbles, and the legs will crumble beneath you, guaranteeing your fall; but, God’s chair is secure and balanced. It will fully support you under any circumstance.

Just know that you too belong at the table God has prepared. Pull up your chair and take your place. See what great things God will do.

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11 thoughts on “Your Place at the Table

  1. Very inspiring Jodi. Also, once you have discovered your seat at the table you must remain steadfast and see it through for it was God who provided and guided you to it . I have felt that for many years as an educator when I got tired or desired to be something else I was always somehow reminded that this was was my seat, my purpose and I am blessed.


  2. Sis, That was awe inspiring and oh so true, the enemy will break us down, piece by peace…and rob us of all we feel is so TRUE…at the same time grabbing not only us, but those around us, thru us…Jesus Christ has a much better plan, even in our darkest hour, hardest moment , to take us out of the fire and not allow us to be burned…this was just in time for me sis…and I thank you for loving HIM to share with us , just what was needed…in MY LIFE…ENCOURAGEMENT ♡♡♡ XOXO’S T


  3. So glad to read your She Speaks experience! Yes, it can get overwhelming when we try to compare ourselves. Love the empty chair metaphor. God often reminds me that even if I reach one other person with my blog, it’s worth it! It’s a ministry He’s given me.


    • Thank you for stopping by to read it Betsy! My heart motive is to at least reach one too! It motivates me because God gets the Glory and one more is drawn to Him. I love that we share that. 🙂


  4. Beautifully written Jodi! “It may take a thousand steps of faith, but only one is required at a time.” I also walked away from She Speaks with the message of just take the next step in faith. Then the next and the next for He is leading! Your blog is beautiful!


    • Tenneil, thank you so much! I will have to hop over to your site and read your blog. I love how God speaks to two people that do not know one another and yet places a very similar message on our hearts! Go God!


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