Speaking Topics:

It would be an honor to speak at your women’s event. While the focus of my speaking experience has tended to deal with Christian growth, discipleship, and intimacy with God I’d love to discuss your particular conference to tailor a talk that fits your needs perfectly. Simply fill out the speaking request form at the bottom of the page and I will be in touch directly.

Here is a brief YouTube link of one of my talks:

God’s Glamour Girl: Beautiful, Loved, and Valuable  Click Here 

Below are some samples of talks I have done in the past.

Christian Growth and Discipleship:

Becoming a mature follower of Christ is a process, not an event. Helping to move women from infancy to becoming vessels for God’s glory is the goal for all believers.


At some point in every woman’s life she experiences disappointments, and broken promises. Her heart becomes defensive and trust becomes elusive. Jodi shares insights of how Christ rebuilds the foundation of trust enabling women to find wholeness, healing, and healthy relationships with Christ at the center.

By Design

Do you find  yourself imprisoned in the strongholds of life? Jodi will share biblical teaching and personal stories to illustrate God’s redemptive power against the circumstances that hold women captive. Your women will be inspired and challenged to believe God and experience the freedom available through Christ.

Surrendering your Idols

John Calvin reminds us that the human heart is an idol factory. God demands exclusive and sole possession of our hearts when we yield to follow Him. Jodi shares from experience and scripture how God fulfills the deeper longings that idols only pretend to satisfy.

Intimacy With God:

Intimacy with God is a constantly evolving relationship that requires vulnerability, trust, dedication, and a passionate desire to pursue Him, not just what He can do for us.

Indulging in the Lord

Often times people love what God does for them more than God Himself; they appreciate the gift more than the Giver. Jodi unpacks the deep truths found in Psalm 37 in a way that helps make delighting, committing and trusting in the Lord achievable in the life of every woman. Your women will leave with a bigger picture of what intimacy with the Lord looks like in everyday life application.

Anchors in the Storms of Life

It was said once that the only constant in life is change. Change brings anxiety that can, at time, become crippling and debilitating. Jodi shares how Philippians 4 became an anchor in the storms of her life and how God exchanged His peace for her anxieties and how others can gain an anchor in God’s Word for themselves.

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