What Is Holding You Back?

Hold BackI made a heart connection with a precious little boy at church. He is four-years-old and full of love, joy, and life. When he recognizes me on Sunday mornings I know he is about to bring in a hug that knocks me down, so I brace myself. He does not know how much my heart explodes from his act of love. So, my heart melted one day when he hesitated to hug me. I was meeting his family across town and when he saw me, he did not recognize me! I was puzzled until I realized that at church I always wear my hair down, but during the week I often pull it back into a ponytail.

My experience got me thinking about how a simple rubber band, holding my hair back, affected how my little friend perceived me. We think, “It’s just a rubber band,” but it represents much more than that. It is anything in your life that is holding you back from living, loving and walking freely with Jesus Sunday through Saturday. Which leads me to this question:

What is holding you back from being recognized as a Christ follower?

Do you struggle with looking one way at church and another apart from it? In other words, are you loving and walking with Jesus only on Sundays, and loving the world Monday through Saturday?

Could the device holding us back be things such as sin, void, or pressure?

Sin-even what we think is simple or small is big from God’s perspective. Big enough for His Son to die on the cross for us.

Void-maybe we have a shallow relationship with God.  Maybe time spent with Him is limited to Sundays so we are left empty throughout the week.

Pressure-maybe we have a circle of influence at home or work that says, “If you start looking like Jesus, then you do not belong”. Maybe you want to please God, but want to please man more.

The battle is real y’all!

God is available to help us have victory over what holds us back! When we turn to Him, He breaks our darkness with light and breaks our chains, setting us free… Psalm 107.

BUT, He finds being lukewarm detestable. We are neither hot nor cold when we choose to be inconsistent. It makes us lukewarm.

I do not know about you, but I do not want to be detestable before God. I want to be hot and on fire for Him every day.

We have a choice. Serve God or serve your devices.

Let’s not find ourselves calling out “Lord, Lord!” and have Him reply that He never knew us.

Don’t let the devices and temptations of this world hold you back from living a life of love, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Instead, choose to break the bands, that device that holds us back, and be all in with the Lord. Make sure you are recognized as a disciple of Jesus Sunday through Saturday.

Live free from what holds you back, and be a light for all to see! Luke 11:33

By the way, the little boy that hesitated to hug me, looked into my eyes, with a big grin, and said, “I thought that was you, Ms. Jodi,” and in came the hug. This gal’s heart is full!

*As a reminder to help you walk free of those devices, place a rubber band around your wrist. The next time you are tempted to let a familiar device hold you back, look at the band and remember that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.