Ministry Leaders and Missionaries Unite!

This is a terrific resource for Mom’s, leaders, missionaries, and more. Stephanie Shott, along with her team, is compassionate toward those needing hope, guidance, and a friend. Take a moment and read what Stephanie has to offer and visit her ministry at


We’re all on the same team and we all have the same goal. Reach ’em and teach ’em! It’s the Great Commission and it’s what we are all called to. So, let’s unite, sweet friends! We can accomplish much more together than we can apart.  That’s actually what The MOM Initiative is about. Linking hearts and hands with YOU! Because we know that if we serve together, we are more effective, our boarders are enlarged, the message of the Gospel is spread farther, and more women discover the power of the Word of God. Last week, a MOM Group that … Read More

Source: Ministry Leaders and Missionaries Unite!